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Accusound Cables have been the leading choice of world class recording studios and mastering facilities all around the globe for their accuracy and sonic performance. Recently we have taken these comprehensive cable designs, and refined them especially for you, the home audio enthusiast. Now you can listen to and enjoy your music at home with the same brilliance and signal integrity that pros used when making these timeless recordings.

Our objective is to transfer the finest nuances, fidelity, definition and spatial dimension enabling the listener to enjoy the most musical experience from their home audio system.

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Accusound uses hybrid, silver-plated copper conductors and double shielding to reproduce the purest sounds from every piece of equipment. Every possible electro-magnetic imperfection has been hunted down and eliminated through clever design, carefully selected materials, a proprietary winding technique and fanatical attention to detail. As a result, Accusound cables boast phase shift and distortion that is immeasurable between 0 and 200kHz in lengths well beyond what would be used in home audio and are completely neutral from 20hz to20kHz. Hear exactly what is intended to be heard.

 "Every once in a while a cable comes along that is truly "audio bliss", no boxes, no hype, just good old fashioned American ingenuity and value in every sense of the word. We were so impressed with the accuracy and definition of these cables that we wired our entire booth at both the CEDIA and CES shows 2012. Stunning!"

Walter Schofield
V.P. Sound Import
Wharfedale Loudspeakers

"At the 2011 CES show, McIntosh used Accusound speaker cables and balanced interconnects with great success. Not only did the system sound great with these cables, but it was refreshing to have interconnects that were both flexible and not bulky. All of the terminations on the Accusound cables were solid and top quality which allowed clean secure connections. Bravo!"

Ron Cornelius
Product Manager
McIntosh Laboratory Inc.

Our full line of cables are RoHS compliant and offer a "no fault" 10 year warranty. Every Accusound cable is designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in the United States of America.

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